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The new web application "Haushaltsverwaltung" allows you to manage your books, videos, music, belongings and much more. Haushaltsverwaltung does also analyze your expenses and display you how much you spend on a regular bases (monthly and yearly). The application does also display charts and graphs to make it for you easier to understand your expenses, earnings, etc.

Why is this application better than other existing data managment applications (personal finance software, book database, etc.)?

Haushaltsverwaltung does have features that are not available for example in popular personal finance applications. You can create a budget for your type (categories) of expenses and you can track whether you spend more or less than your budget. The application does also allow you create notes for every type (expenses, earnings, books, etc.) of information that you want to save. But the best feature is that you can connect this application with your Nextcloud instance (web cloud application) or any webdav server.

Where can I download this application

You can find the source code of the application on Github. The link to the Github page is available below. Please follow the instructions there to configure and install the web application on Apache Tomcat Server (preferably).

Haushaltsverwaltung application on Github

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