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Upgrade to the latest Angular version was done for the frontend of "General Management"

The frontend of the management web application has now the latest “Angular” version 13. The dependencies for this project were updated to this latest version as well.

Part of this upgrade was also moving to the latest version 13 of the UI framework “primeng”. This upgrade allows the implementation of a clear selection feature for the dropdown selection of the month and year for the display of expenses and earnings. All the components part of “Angular” had also to be updated, which resulted into a better improvement of the loading speed and a smoother UI experience.

To ensure that the upgrade will be done successfully, the newer version “3.3.2” of the Javascript  library “GraphJS” had to be installed.  I did not have to change really the source code of this application. The syntax of my “Angular routing” code had to be changed. The command queryParamsHandling="preserve" is now used instead to ensure that my query parameters are passed for the ”get” and “delete” API commands.

This application is the frontend part of the management application “General Management”, which I did start to develop last year 2020. This update was done, because of this project’s anniversary and to ensure the project’s security and stability. The frontend is an “Angular” application that is a “PWA”. It caches your loaded data from the backend, when you are offline. The frontend is also responsive and usable on smartphones. The backend is a “Java Spring” database application, that is developed in a “microservices” architecture. The processing and storage of data is done in the backend. The frontend is connected to the backend through an “API”. Data is stored in an own “PostgreSQL” database that is connected with the backend.

The source code of this application on Github:




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