Projects Worldwide

Several projects were finished in many countries:


Cloud hosting

With the help of my friends in the USA, i did finished some plugins for my cloud hosting in my
server in the USA.
Several plugins are now in use for OwnCloud servers or similar.
Due to time difference between USA and West Europe, the project did take much longer as usual.
Although the delay, we did succed with this plugins for instance like the XMPP Online Chat UI for
registred users in an OwnCloud Server.
The most difficult for me was coding in JSON.

Austria / Germany

P2P Search
There is an on going project for the implemention of new plugins for the yacy search engine.
The yacy API is not that difficult, but it takes time to understand that framework.

Asia / Far East

Ticketing system in Python

A ticketing system coded in python that uses MariaDB and phpmyAdmin frontend.
With this ticketing system you can order something (send a transaction to the server).
All transactions are logged in a log file and in a SQL table.

South America

English to Spanish translator
This project is nearly finished.
At the end there will be a translator that works with AJAX and Javascript.
Words or sentences can be translated from English to Spanish.
In the further versions there will be an ability for users to add new words into the dictionary of
the translator.

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