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Internet Buttresses Hotel Industry In The Face Of Recession by Kavita Martin

While recession hit in the belly of global hotel industry with occupancy and room rates tumbling like a house of cards affecting suppliers, caterers, financiers, tour operators, and others close to the industry, the start of this year has seen recovery in hotel industries in some countries including US. Room and occupancy rates in different cities of US witnessed robust growth in January 2011.

Online presence helped the hotels a lot to weather the impact of decline in numbers of tourists. The websites are used to run promotional messages and facilitate room bookings. Since now technology provides ease and comfort to set up websites, coming online is not much difficult. Websites templates are popularly used by persons who desire to have professional websites within short time. No fuss to shuttle back and forth designing studio is also a benefit of web templates as selection from a wide range of premade designs is done online. In the same way, there are numbers of hotel website templates particularly tailor-made for the hotel industry over the internet.

It is obvious a city that has more numbers of tourist attractions has hotels with significant occupancy rates. Seasonal occasions also propel businesses of hotel industry provided that location of a hotel is replete with occasion related activities. As the technology is evolving on daily basis, web applications have given flexibility to organizations, hoteliers for that matter, to mould themselves according to changing environment and for some likeness and tendencies of customers, employees, and partners are the drivers of transformations. It is observed that commercial ventures are keen to change themselves in accordance with the moods of the seasons. For example, since red color is a symbol of Valentine's Day, you must have noticed color blitz in outlets of the towns before the festival. This temporary shift in appearance is a powerful promotional tool to build brand image for a longer period.

Websites fortunately give big space to celebrate all festivals with promotional campaigns fomenting buying emotions of consumers by giving them off seasonal look and feel on everything. Web applications have not only made this task a cinch on the fingertips but also inexpensive. Hotels also get themselves overwhelmed with the seasonal blows and especially popular occasions reflect in every nook and corner of big hotels. As a matter of fact, no business, be it big or small, is ready to miss the chance of catching its share in the buying spree witnessed during such occasions. Magento Templates, elegant, splendid, and modern applications, make websites adaptable to Jack-o-Lantern, Christmas, Easter, or any other festivals. There are countless Magento themes suitable for various lines and ranges of products. Switching from one to another does not upset usability and nor aesthetic value attached with the themes. This can be possible while retaining the original or default themes. Hoteliers can assign multiple themes to their hotel websites at once by just replacing files. The themes are also available with extensions and plug-ins that make the applications rather more feature-rich. Hotel Templates with Magento themes are perhaps the best option for hotels and motels to come online quickly and cost effectively.

Kavita Martin is the director of Template Magician. Visit Templatemagician.com for Readymade online Hotel Templates , Hotel Website Templates and Joomla Templates . She has 10 years of experience in Web Design and Development field.

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