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Online Businesses on the Growth Trajectory by Kavita Martin

When internet technology did not come into being and there were brick and mortar businesses dominating the retail markets, it was not even in the corner of one's mind that a magical window on the desktop of a table would turn into a literally retail outlet where buying products would become remarkably easygoing. But, as things change shape so did the technology. Internet business is now becoming as popular as physical shopping eating into the market share of the latter. Consumers living in US, European peninsula, or any other place with internet connection can browse along the products on the virtual stores and pick and drag them into the carts. Without going into the comparison of both the retail experiences on the part of consumers, one can say the internet is supplementing the revenue of retail industry and online shopping is taking over conventional ones with the passage of time.

Electronic commerce can best define this emergence though this terminology sounds merchant-prone rather than consumer-oriented. Ecommerce has revolutionized the shopping and set into motion retail and wholesale industries. For merchants, ecommerce results in substantial cost reduction as this channel of shopping thrives on direct sale and builds a direct connection to end-users. Supply cost is negligible when compared to expansion in customer base and mounting brand equity. Marketing and selling go hand in hand on ecommerce. For consumers, ecommerce means comforts and shopping with less time and immense exposures of products.

Amazon is the uncontested market leader in the online retail business holding an astronomical size of goods and service and having loyal consumers not only in US, Europe and but also in other consumer markets. E-bay, JCPenney, BestBuy, Home Shopping Network, Wal-Mart, IKEA and several others follow the bellwether. Some of the shopping malls concentrate on online and physical businesses alike. However, few are fully dedicated to online business, puffing up revenue on merchandise sale over the internet. Even those dealing in earthly business can get their brands live on the cyberspace with the help of promotional and deal websites driven by discounts. Retail verticals have witnessed a staggering surge in revenue because of the online discounts, coupons, and promotional codes.

Amid change in the business pattern, offline contenders are moving towards the internet to wage war for market shares and winning over consumers. Those who are late adopters remain spectators indeed. You can hire services of a plenty of web designers to set up ecommerce websites. Alternatively, you can choose ecommerce website templates from online galleries, portals selling ecommerce templates against affordable prices. Websites templates are premade web designs.

If you go to see the varieties of ecommerce software on the internet - shopping carts on which ecommerce sites run on - you would be surprised to observe the diversity. VirtueMart, Zen Cart, osCommerce, CRE Loaded, and X-Cart are perhaps best storefronts. Of them, osCommerce is known for its feature-richness, support to versatile payment gateways, and security elements. You may find osCommerce templates appropriate to have ecommerce websites.

Kavita Martin is the director of Template Magician. Visit Templatemagician.com for Readymade online Ecommerce Templates , Website Templates and Ecommerce Website Templates. She has 10 years of experience in Web Design and Development field.

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