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A Ruby app is now used for the Server monitoring notification through Twitter

The ruby app named “twitter” is used instead of the Linux program “twidge” for monitoring notification through Twitter.

This change was done because the program "twidge" does not work more with Twitter. A 403 error is returned when the application is called to create a tweet on Twitter.

Error message by twidge (debug mode):

response: RspHttp {status = 403, reason = "", rspHeaders = , rspPayload = ""}

Now the ruby app “twitter” is used which I did install through the Ruby gems installer.

This app works similar to twidge and it can be called through the command line. Ruby and ruby gems bundle installer is needed to install this app. I already did install that because I use also the monitoring dashboard “dashing” on that monitoring server. The app can be installed by the command “gem install twitter”.

Usage: twitter set "My tweet"

Or: echo "My tweet" | twitter set"

More commands are displayed by the command "twitter --help".


More information / Explanations for commands:



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