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Backup system Borg updated and set up for daily backups

As is customary at the end of the year. I make important updates on my servers regarding the server and the backup system. 

For the backup of all my server data I have been using Borg for a long time, which is available in the Linux APT package manager under the name "Borgbackup". The "Borg" program has been updated to the latest version 1.1. But this time I did not have to update my Borg repository ("borg upgrade"). 

A new function "diff" (command: "borg diff") which is useful for me and allows me to view differences between two archives. But there are also other new features, like using checksums for archive verification and more. See the link mentioned below for more information.

Backing up my server data is also much faster now. Most CPU power is used for encrypting my backup archives. For encryption SHA-256 is used, but Borg also supports other encryptions like BLAKE2b. 

Borg can easily be called via the shell with the respective parameters. This allows to automate more the backup of my server data and also the deletion of old backups (command "borg prune"). For this purpose you can create a shell script and execute it automatically via cronjobs.
This brings me to the end and I wish you a happy and prosperous new year 2020. 

Happy 2020.


More information about the new features in Borg:

Update Borg repository (sometimes necessary):

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