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Chat bot set up on the Matrix Messaging Server for Riot

A chat bot with various functionalities has been set up, which runs on the matrix server and can therefore be used in Riot. The chat bot can be used for various purposes.

GO-Neb is used as chat bot, which is programmed in the programming language GO and uses .yaml configuration files. GO-Neb was configured for the running messaging server (matrix) and set up as a service. The chat bot named "Bot - ard Riot" can be invited in all chat rooms in Riot. It automatically accepts each invitation to each room and you can then communicate with the bot in that room.

For example, "Bot - ard Riot" can send animated images (GIF) to chat rooms. The user enters the command giphy with a theme or name for the desired GIF. Example: "!giphy cat"

The chat bot automatically sends RSS feeds (RSS news) as messages in chat rooms. Chat rooms have been set up for which you can automatically add yourself and view these messages automatically. The chat rooms are for example: "Nachrichten Österreich" - news from Austria in German, "News International" - news from abroad in English, ...

This Chat-Bot runs 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and will be extended with further functionalities in the future. It has also been improved in terms of performance on the matrix server. A new web app based on Riot for the matrix server was also set up during this maintenance work. This web app has all the functionality available on the Riot app (Android, iOS) and has been configured on the Matrix server.


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