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Icinga2 monitoring notification via Twitter tweets was set up

The monitoring system Icinga2, which runs on the local server ardLocal, has been extended with a notification option via a Twitter account. For example, notifications about server failures or service problems of all the operated servers ("ard Server Infrastructure") are now also published as tweets on the Twitter account ard Global.

The notifications are in plain English. The nature of the problems and the affected server are clearly visible via a hash tag. This notification option was implemented with the help of the "Twidge" software and a newly created notification template. The software "Twidge" and the monitoring system Icinga2 were configured and interconnected to route the notification from Icinga2 to this software.

Because there is a limit of 140 characters in the messages, the notification message was kept short and compact. However, the most important information remains clearly visible. For the monitoring system the monitoring software Icinga2 is used and all servers are monitored decentrally via Nagios-NRPE. The actual monitoring is performed locally on the respective server and the results are sent to the monitoring server.

The monitoring system and the associated dashboard "Dashing" are only available over the local network. This is a picture of the monitoring system and dashboard.

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