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New Android App "My Parking Spot" created with "Kotlin" and best practices

Lately I did look into app development in "Kotlin" and I also teached myself the basics of "Kotlin". I also learned about the "MVVM" architecture in Android and I did want to put that in practice in a new Android app.

This app saves the current parking spot and it shows the parking duration. You can also take a photo of your parking spot and save it with your parking spot information.
Your parking spot position is displayed on a "Google Maps" view and as coordinates (longitude and latitude). You can also save a note about your parking spot. The app functionality can be adjusted in the settings.

But now a little bit about the technical specifications of this app. This app is programmed in "Kotlin 1.3". It uses "Android Room" to store your parking spot data and settings in a "SQLite" database. This app was also developed with the latest best practices such as "AndroidX". The beautiful user interface of this app was possible with the framework "Android Material".

You need to have at least "Android 6.0" (SDK 23) or newer "Android" versions to use this app. The app is available many languages such as English, German, Chinese, etc. This app can be downloaded on the "Google Play Store".

I will also program apps in "Kotlin" in the future. The "Null safety" feature, "Coroutines" and other functionality of "Kotlin" improved my programming experience. The faster code implementation in "Kotlin" compared to "Java" is also worth the rather exotic programming syntax of "Kotlin", which comes with a little steep learning curve.


App on "Google Play Store":

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