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New application BMI Tracker released

I started a while ago to teach myself Python through books, websites and videos. The popular programming language caught my interest because it can be used in web development, software development, data science and more. I also liked the variety of libraries and frameworks that can be used with Python.
After I got basic skills in Python, I decided to create my first production software program in Python with the help of PyQt. I used PyQt designer to create the GUI for my application. Basic skills in PyQt were needed but that was not a problem.

BMI Tracker

The application that I programmed allows you to track your BMI and weight easily. You calculate your BMI by entering your weight and height. The application uses only the metric system at the moment. All your calculations can be exported to an PDF or CSV file. The source code and the application (executable and installer version) are available on Github.

Source Code:

Download this application:

Please check also the Github repository of this application for more information on the supported operating systems. Python projects can be run on Windows, Linux and Mac OS if you have Python installed. You can run the python application through the terminal/cmd by the command "python appname.py" in Linux/Unix or "python.exe appname.py" in Windows.

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