New domain created and configured

A new domain was added, which offers the website ard-Site, ard Search and other new services.

ard-Site is now also accessible via This new domain is shorter and easier to remember. The old domain remains of course in contrast to In addition, the website "Fancy Digital Pen" can also be reached via the domain ard Search and all the associated functionalities can also be accessed via the domain

This new domain will also be used for a new URL shortening service, which is similar to The URL shortening service runs on YOURLS and is easy to use. It is possible to create custom URLs. You can directly share the newly created URLs on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and so on.

With it is possible to shorten long URLs and links, which is useful for aesthetic reasons and to make URLs easier to remember. The use of URL shortening services is even standard on the Internet. is also used in the Pastebin "ard Paste" to provide short URLs for created Pastebins.