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New function "Savings" added to the web app Haushaltsverwaltung

The hosted web application "Budget Management" was extended with a new table in the database and a new functionality. Now it is possible to save information about saved money.

You have to specify the target amount you want to save, a description, the frequency of saving and optional additional remarks. After adding records (here called savings accounts), information about when to reach the savings target (the amount of money to be saved) is automatically displayed. In the case of regular savings, the regular savings amount is saved according to the selected frequency.

You can always see the amount of money that is still missing for the savings target, regardless of whether you want to save regularly or individually. If one would like to save for example however individually. Then also an information is indicated here, how long one needs up to the savings goal, if one saves exactly the last added partial amount further monthly.

A date is indicated, on which one reached the savings goal completely. The date is calculated by the missing amount of money up to the savings target and with the help of a LocalDate object.

Editing, deleting and exporting data in the displayed table is also possible here. The frequencies for saving can be selected via radio button.

This new functionality was also tested on the Tomcat server, which makes this web application available for production use. The web application uses a Postgresql server to store data.

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