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New site language Spanish added and site instance updated

The CMS instance of this website was reinstalled and the website was updated. A new site language was added, design improvements were done and new features were added. This website used the same CMS instance for many years and the performance of the backend did get slower. This is one of the reasons why this website needed an update. But this was also done to improve the website experience.

New features were also added to this website ard-site.net. It does offer now Spanish as a new site language. The interface language is available now available in Spanish, English, German, French and Korean. Some content of this website is available in other languages other than English. In the future more content will be translated from the original site language English. You can also send us translations for untranslated content by contacting us. Every help and support is welcomed.

The database was recreated and updated with the state-of-the-art modules. Some design improvements were done such as in the site search of this website. A new sunset/sunrise module is available for the front page. This site uses also new URL linking to make the URLs of this site more search friendly and user friendly. This new features will improve the website experience and improve the website ranking in search engines.

Besides that, please also check the graphics menu section for new icons. Thank you for using this website.

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