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New web interface set up to manage database

A web software has been set up with which you can create, edit and query databases. This software allows data to be managed online via a user-friendly web interface.

It uses phpmyadmin for the web interface of the database system. Phpmyadmin has been adapted to the database server and security has been enhanced. For example, the login page is additionally secured by http authentication and after too many login attempts the IP address of the user is blocked.  

Now to the technical information of this web software. A LAMP stack was set up in a Linux server to enable the operation of phpmyadmin. MySQL is used as database server and the access to the database is done via the Apache2 plugin "mysqli". The storage engine "InnoDB" is used for storing tables in the databases. Editing of the databases can be performed via the control panels of the web interface or via SQL queries (menu item: SQL).

Phpmyadmin also displays information about the database server, such as the runtime of the database or the data traffic of the database server.

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