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Newsticker with weather forecast implemented in ard Search

A newsticker that is updated every hour with the latest news was implemented in the search engine. The newsticker displays tech news and world news in English and German. But also the weather forecast for this day and the next day.

The newsticker is programmed in Javascript and it loads the data through an XML HTTP request from this server. The news and weather data are processed in the backend of this server and they made available as a txt file that will be used by this newsticker program.

The news data is saved as a string line for line in that txt file. This program reads the text file line for line and it displays a line in a html table row. This is needed so the newsticker can display the news through its vertical slide movement. The newsticker is implemented this way, to save additional request for newsticker data every time the page is loaded.
The source code as a tutorial is available in this website in the tutorial menu section "Javascript".
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