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The ErrorTracker web app for managing application errors was developed

After working with Angular and the MEAN stack, I created the first project application. It is the app "ErrorTracker" which allows you to quickly add and retrieve application errors.

This web app is a database application, so I have acquired basic knowledge of MongoDB and the MEAN stack in general. I found Angular to be a challenge with its programming language TypeScript, since I only programmed pure Javascript ("Vanilla Javascript") until now. But I like the modular design with the components and the selection of controls and icons in Angular material.

"ErrorTracker" also has an API that can be used by other applications. Applications that need to be monitored for errors can then add error information when exceptions occur. Adding is done via HTTP access to the API of this application. This means that any type of application (mobile, desktop, Web application) can transmit the error information from anywhere, provided they have Internet access. This Web application should be protected with an external authentication and therefore access should only be possible with an authorized user account.
I now host this web application to ensure the smooth running of the applications and services programmed for me. Grouped Docker containers provide this web application with all the necessary dependencies. Database, backend and frontend server are located in different Docker-Containers and are grouped together with Docker-Compose. Access to the web application is protected by Nginx HTTP authentication.

A public version with the docker file is also available on Github. This can be hosted directly via Docker-Container on a Linux server.

Github repository of the application:



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