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Webapp Budget Management has been updated and extended with new functions

For the web application "Haushaltsverwaltung", which is programmed in Java with JSF, the function Expenditure-Budget was added and some updates were carried out. This concerns the hosted version of this web application on the Apache Tomee web server.

With the new Expenditure Budget feature you can define a budget for monthly and annual expenditure. For each expenditure category, the budget amount, the actual expenditure amount, and the difference are calculated. You can also see for each expenditure category whether more or less was spent than defined in the budget amount. In the header section of the ExpenditureBudget Table you can also switch between the view of regular expenditure or all expenditure (regular and one-time expenditure) using a button. This is possible for the monthly view and the annual view. Switching between certain months and years in the monthly view, as well as between certain years in the annual view is also possible.

An update was also made to the database driver (JDBC) used to connect to the Postgresql database of this web application. The version "42.2.6 jre7" is now used instead. The updates also affect the graphical view (output) of this webapp. ChartJS is now used for the graphical output of diagrams, charts, etc. instead of the framework provided by Primefaces.

With ChartJS the output now looks more user-friendly and you can click on the elements in the charts and diagrams. Exporting the graphical output is still possible.
The Primefaces 7 framework is now also used, which now provides better performance. This performance improvement is also guaranteed by the new database driver.

This new version will also be available soon for the version of this webapp "Haushaltsverwaltung" that can be found on Github.

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