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How to create graphic user interfaces and desktop applications in Python

You can create desktop applications for example by using the Python package "tkinter". But there is also another better way to create easier and better desktop user interfaces in Python. In this tutorial we will see how to use Qt to create a desktop user interfaces that will be used in a Python application. I created my desktop application "BMI Tracker" like this through Qt and Python. This tutorials shows only how it can be done on the operating system Windows. This could be similar in other operating systems. 1. We need to install the Python package "pyqt5" It can
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How to distribute python applications

Convert Python applications to an executable program. (Such as exe Windows, dmg Mac, rpm Linux). This tutorial uses pyinstaller to create an executable for your Python application and allow to distribute your Python application more easily. If you use Pyinstaller then you do not need to have an python installer installed to run the created exe. Pyinstaller If you do want an alternative which has also an included Python interpreter, optimized executable file size and more advanced features, then you can also use "Cx_freeze", which is discussed below in an own part of this tutorial. Install pyinstaller (creates standalone executables
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